• In celebration of Dragon Marked for Death reaching 120,000 copies sold worldwide, official illustrator Toru Nakayama presents a commemorative wallpaper! May the Witch atop her horse grace your travels through DMFD with great luck!

  • Dragon Marked For Death is now available! We really wanted to celebrate the occasion, so the game's official illustrator, Mr. Toru Nakayama, put together this brand new wallpaper for you! Adorn your desktop with this epic mural-style depiction of the Dragonblood Clan as you begin your adventure on the continent of Remlia!

  • Merry Christmas, everyone! It is a holy night on the Remlian continent, and the four members of the Dragonblood Clan are enjoying the respite and peace that comes on a day like Christmas! May this wallpaper bring some dragon-filled Christmas cheer to your desktop!

*This wallpaper is free to use on an individual basis. We kindly ask you to not redistribute this image on other websites. Thank you!