Dragon Marked For Death (or DMFD) is a multiplayer-focused 2D side-scrolling action game for up to 4 players. You play as a member of the Dragonblood Clan, whose home was destroyed by the powerful Medius Empire. Swearing revenge on Medius, the Dragonblood Clan formed a pact with the Astral Dragon Atruum, granting them the ancient power of the Dragon. Players will take on various quests from villagers to increase their status in the world. Quests will send the players on a variety of adventures big and small, such as defeating monsters, defending a convoy, searching for treasure, or rescuing a noble. By playing their roles well and dividing tasks, skilled players will discover efficient and speedy ways of completing quests during multiplayer campaigns. Players can choose from 4 characters (Empress/Warrior/Shinobi/Witch) each with their own unique skills. They’ll gain experience by defeating enemies and level up, which increases their power, defense, and luck.

staff=Director : Ryota Ito/Character Designer : Toru Nakayama/Chief Character Graphics Designer : Horikatsu Maeda/Scenario Writer (Planning), World Planner : Makoto Yabe/Sound Producer : Ippo Yamada/Main Programmer : Akihiro Shishido/Lead Programmer : Shinichi Sema/Producer : Takuya Aizu/Producer: Yoshifumi Hashimoto


Long ago, forces of Celestials and Astral Dragons clashed in a realm steeped in chaos. Caught in the midst of a battle between gods and dragons, humans either prayed for salvation or hid in the dragons’ shadow, waiting for peace. After eons of conflict, the largest of the Astral Dragons, Atruum, was felled. Run through at the hand of the Celestial Primatis, Atruum plunged to the earth below. The forces of the Astral Dragons soon fell into disarray and were defeated one by one. The Celestials claimed a hard-won victory. The Celestials used their holy weapons to purify the corpses of the enormous Astral Dragons, and used them to revitalize the lands destroyed by war. When their work was done, they created two moons in the sky to watch over the lands and left the realm.

The Dragonblood Clan - Caught up in the in these terrible battles, a small clan of humans were plunged deep into an abyss of death.The dragon Atruum happened upon the humans after his fall, and offered them the blood from his dying body, giving his life to save them from certain death. With the blood contract sealed, anyone born into the clan bared the Dragon Scar on their body, and worshipped Atruum as their guardian dragon. Whether Atruum took pity on innocents caught up in the war, or only acted upon the whims of a superior being, is unknown.

The Age of the Divine Family - Crafted from remnants of massive Celestial weapons known as “Relics,” loyal followers of the Celestials created castles, and the anointed themselves blessed rulers of the land. They were known as the Divine Family. They preached of the filth and lowliness of those who lived on or in the land which was once Atruum’s body, and of the divinity of those who lived high above the realm. A new age dawned as the survivors of the war gathered below the Relics and submitted to the rule of the Divine Family. However, there still existed humans who did not submit to the rule of the Divine Family.They were the Dragonblood Clan. Those who worshipped the Astral Dragon Atruum were despised by the Divine Family and forced from the towns of their followers, to live on their own in exile.

History becomes legend, and legend becomes myth. Our story begins as the memories of great battles between gods and dragons recede into the mists of time.