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The daughter of the Dragonblood Clan’s chief. She bears the Dragon Scar in her arm. Through the contract with the Astral Dragon Atruum, she manifests the dragon in a variety of abilities. She is proficient with the rapier, and the Dragon Arm can shoot fiery projectiles. Her Dragon Arm can also use energy to transform into a large blade to strike her foes. In the air, her Arm can stretch into a wire-like form, hooking her onto objects and allowing her to swing.


A young man in the Dragonblood Clan. He bears the Dragon Scar in his chest, and his contract with Atruum grants him access to defense-focused abilities.The Warrior can manifest the dragon to generate a large barrier. Inside the barrier, he and his allies are shielded from enemy attacks, and can even recover health.


A young man in the Dragonblood Clan. He bears the Dragon Scar in his legs, and his contract with Atruum allows him to manifest the dragon to enhance his movement and jumping abilities. He can make use of dashing, wall kicks, gliding, and double-jump abilities. The Dragon Legs also grant him powerful kicking techniques.


A young woman in the Dragonblood Clan, and the last known magician. Her head bears the Dragon Scar, and her hair manifests the dragon Atruum to allow her to chant incantations to invoke magic spells. In addition to magical attacks, the Witch can create platforms in the air, heal her allies, and light darkened passages, appropriate to a support role.